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  • Gathering of the Clans

    Gathering of the Clans

    As with all great stories, the first book of this glorious trilogy ended with many unanswered questions. Will the former Indian Scout Joshua Hotah find his parents? Painfully naïve, does the youthful Priscilla Kimball appreciate that she could succumb to unsolicited debauchery at any time? What are the true intentions Read More
  • The Perilous Journey Begins

    The Perilous Journey Begins

    In 1860 a Scottish lass protects her younger sister from a savage beast on the windswept highlands above Pentland Firth. An Iowa farm boy discovers a dark secret on the gory battlegrounds of Shiloh in 1862. Two years later a Colonel of the Taiping Army retreats in shame after the Read More
  • Heart of Abigail

    Heart of Abigail

    Weaving spellbinding fiction into meticulously researched history, Heart of Abigail tells the harrowing story of bonnie Abigail Sinclair, a young nurse who travels from Edinburgh, Scotland to Alaska in 1899 to work at the St. Ann’s Hospital in Douglas during the height of the great gold mines of Treadwell, 700 Read More
  • Toil Under The Sun

    Toil Under The Sun

    Toil Under the Sun is a powerful novel of an adopted boy's growth into manhood as a U.S. Marine during the "Forgotten War" in Korea. It is an intricately crafted account of friendship and betrayal...fear and courage...shame and atonement...which in exquisitely written prose explores the hidden rage and abnegation of Read More
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Silver City Idaho

Silver City, Idaho, the location of books two and three of Nor Things to Come: A Trilogy of the American West. A similar photo was used for the cover of book 1.