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Not Yet Famous Quotations About Writing

I experienced a startling epiphany a few months ago. The only reason that I remain an unknown author is because I’ve never published any pithy quotations. Well, I intend to rectify this grievous omission today. I therefore present the following quotations, which I expect you will find both instructive and amusing at the same time.

“My greatest desire is to write a symphony. But that’s never going to happen so I wrote  a novel instead.”   Rich Ritter

“As a writer, one of my gifts is the ability to revise perfectly good prose into drivel.”   Rich Ritter

“Because not one literary agent has expressed even the slightest interest to represent me, I enjoy the singular privilege of writing whatever I want whenever I want.”   Rich Ritter

“After finishing a novel, a novella, and an epic trilogy on the family computer, I should buy a laptop to prove to my friends that I’m serious about writing.”   Rich Ritter

“I cherish the characters I create. When they succeed, I rejoice. When they struggle, I ache. When they die, I grieve. A psychiatrist might see delusional behavior, but I prefer to imagine that my love of fictional beings is a symptom of genius.”   Rich Ritter

You may use these quotations without my permission, but only if you give me proper credit. Thank you.

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