Rich Ritter - The New Voice of the American West

As with all great stories, the first book of this glorious trilogy ended with many unanswered questions. Will the former Indian Scout Joshua Hotah find his parents? Painfully naïve, does the youthful Priscilla Kimball appreciate that she could succumb to unsolicited debauchery at any time? What are the true intentions of the enigmatic sociopath Csongor Toth? Will the strange partners of business Tseng Longwei and Roshan Kuznetsov ever find their way to Silver City? Now a Lutheran Pastor, Manfred Herrmann has survived the Civil War—but can he survive his own dark nature? And consider the calamitous adventures of Gordania Sinclair, the singular heroine of this tale. Her father never imagined that he was sending his beloved daughter into a world of murder, deception, and peril when he gave her a final hug in Scotland. These and many other questions will be answered. But you are hereby forewarned: this second book will end with an act of unspeakable evil that will test even the most courageous heart.